Another Climb Down on Parking

The Labour Cabinet Member with responsibility for parking policy, Cllr Clyde Loakes, has confirmed that the draft Traffic Management Order issued for consultation in May, which proposed that to park for more than one hour, daily rate vouchers would have to be purchased at a cost of up to £11 will be changed so that combinations of 30 and 60 minute vouchers can be used as now. However, they will still cost £1.25 and £2.40, increases of 56% and 84% respectivel.

This is the second major concession we have wrung out of him, but these proposed changes are still likely to do real harm to high streets and businesses in Chingford & Highams Park.

There is to a further chance to srutinise these proposals on Wednesday 4 May at the Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Committee meeting taking place at the Town Hall at 7.30pm and we will be calling for the chnages to be scrapped and for a proper review of parking policy to be indertaken.

If you can go, please register with Perminder Purewal in advance by e-mailing If you cannot, please e-mail Cllr Loakes and let him know what you think, copied to the Leader of the Council, Chris Robbins.  -

Then Vote Conservative on Thursday to really kick 'en in the ballots!