Conservative councillors force Labour Council to put Assembly High Rise plans on hold

The Labour council in Waltham Forest are attempting to railroad through a projected six storey development on the Chingford Assembly Hall and library site (you can sign our petition to stop them here:

Cllr Emma Best, Endlebury Ward, spoke to the Cabinet on June 11th to warn of the dangers and flaws with the proposal and request that a North Chingford Community board of local councillors, residents and community leaders is formed to shape the direction of any redevelopment. Her request was ignored at the meeting, but the battle continues to let local people have their say on this rushed through and excessive development.

Our councillors push the pause button

Conservative councillors have all “called-in” the plan to develop on the site which means no further implementation can take place until this is reviewed. Hopefully local democracy will prevail and local residents will be able to make the council and Labour councillors listen to their concerns.  

Watch the online cabinet meeting here...

No Chingford Green High Rise