Deliver Democracy & Get Brexit Done

People voted for Brexit and it was for politicians to deliver it.

Unfortunately it's been rebel Remainer politicians, Labour under Corbyn, the Lib Dems and the SNP in a broken parliament that have failed in this and in some cases actively tried to sabotage the democratic will of the people.

Corbyn’s plan at this election – the chaos and division of two more referendums, continued paralysis continued uncertainty.

It’s time we had a parliament that works.

‍MPs spent the last three years arguing about Brexit and they got nothing done. Brexit has been delayed yet again and the country’s priorities have been ignored. That’s why we called this general election. Because the country deserves a parliament that works.

So on the 12th of December, every single one of us will have a choice. We can vote for five more years of uncertainty and confusion. Or we can vote to get Brexit done – and get on with the country’s priorities focusing on the issues that matter to you and your family. A future with better hospitals, safer streets, world-class schools and a strong economy.

With your support, we’ll invest £33.9 billion extra in the NHS with £400 million going to rebuild Whipps Cross Hospital. Hire 20,000 new police officers. Get more money to every single school in the country. And continue to grow and protect our economy.

With a Conservative majority Government you can be sure we will Get Brexit Done and leave with Boris Johnson's New Deal that is already agreed – ending the uncertainty and confusion.