Five reasons to vote for Iain Duncan Smith

Putting Chingford & Woodford Green first

I have been your MP since 1992 and I've always stood up for local people. Like when I stood alongside thousands of residents as Whipps Cross Hospital was threatened with closure by the last Labour Government and in supporting the SAVE OUR SUBURBS campaign after the new Labour council in Redbridge threatened high-rise, high density development throughout Woodford and South Woodford.

Protecting and improving the NHS

Labour said we were "irresponsible" to promise not to cut the NHS budget, but we delivered on that promise. Now the NHS is delivering 6 million more in-patient treatments and seeing 1 million more people in A&E every year. There are 9,500 more doctors, nearly 7,000 more nurses and over 2,000 more midwives compared with 2010. The Conservatives will deliver the extra £8 billion a year asked for by the NHS and we will extend seven-day access to your GP across England by 2020.

Cutting taxes for working people so your money goes further

Raising the Personal Allowance has taken 3 million out of Income Tax all together and 26 million have seen their take-home pay boosted by up to £825. We will raise this further to £12,500 and raise the 40p threshold to £50,000. We cut and froze Fuel Duty so petrol and diesel are 17p a litre cheaper than they would have been under Labour. That's almost £10 less, every time you fill up.

My reforms to welfare are making work pay

Across the UK over 2 million new jobs have been created and living standards are rising. My reforms have all been about getting more people into work. We've capped welfare so nobody gets more in benefits than the average family take home in pay and I'm changing the benefit system so those who take a job or work more hours will always be better off.

Only the Conservatives trust you with the final say on our EU membership

We will put the decision on our EU membership to the British people in a straight, In/Out referendum before the end of 2017. It is not UKIP policy to have a referendum, Labour are happy with the deal we've got and the Lib Dems want to go further. I've worked for 23 years for this referendum and I'm committed to letting you have your say.

We've come a long way in five years and we need to stick to the plan that is delivering a brighter, secure future for you and your family. We cannot risk the chaos that would come from a Labour Government led by Ed Miliband and propped up by who knows what collection of minor parties.

Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and your Parliamentary Candidate for Chingford & Woodford Green