Funkymojoe Update - Victory!

Licensing verdict is a victory for local people

The council’s victory in the Funkymojoe licensing appeal case is a victory for local people. The court upheld the licensing body’s decision that the venue should close at 11pm between Sunday and Thursday, and 11.30pm on Friday and Saturday, with all customers required to leave by midnight. The venue was also required to pay the council’s costs of £72,000.

Tom McLaren of the Church End Action Team thanked Redbridge Councillors, the Licensing Committee and local police for their hard work in pursing this case.

Tom said "We whole heatedly welcome the court's decision and thank the local police and local councillors for their support in achieving this result. This type of establishment simply does not belong in a primarily residential area, and this decision sends a clear message that local peoples needs should be placed before the profits of a few individuals. We particularly want to thank Cllr Alex Wilson and Cllr Ruth Clark, have worked particularly hard to support local residents despite the venue not being in their wards."

Emma Best noted that local residents have a broad range of concerns over alcohol use and licensing in Woodford, saying "This is an excellent result for local people, and very welcome news. The high street has changed in recent years, and while it now offers more options in the evening this shouldn't come at the expense of the community or public safety."

Joel Herga explained that the venue impacts residents far away from the immediate vicinity, with residents as far away as Peel Road and Empress Avenue expressing concerns. "We have spoken to many people in the surrounding area over the past few months and this one issue is top of the list for many people, not just those in the nursing homes next door to the venue. Noise and antisocial behaviour as late as 4am is simply unacceptable in a residential area, and we're over the moon that the court has upheld the licensing body’s decision."