New Outdoor Gym for Aldriche Way

Hale End & Highams Park Conservative Councillors, Darshan Sunger, Sheree Rackham and Paul Braham have secured funding to create an Outdoor Gym at Aldriche Way. 

Working alongside Ascham Homes and the Tenants, Residents and Leaseholders Association, a location has been agreed next to the existing play area, behind the Aldriche Way Community Room. 

A number of different pieces of equipment machines have been chosen and if further funding is identified, more will be added. The cost of the initial scheme will be met from the funds provided by Tesco to enhance community facilities as part of their development of the new superstore at Highams Park. 

Councillor Sunger said, "We are delighted to have secured funding for this facility, which will boost the role of the Aldriche Way Community Room and Play Area as a hub for the local community and support people wanting to live a healthy lifestyle. We are hopeful that work will start very soon, so the benefits can be enjoyed by everybody over the summer."