Stop political bias in education

My name is Ella, I'm thirteen years old and I go to school in Chingford and Woodford Green. I have written this based on my personal experience of bias in education.

Stop political bias in education

One of the most important jobs is that of a teacher, as what they are doing is preparing the next generation for the world around us. Teaching us what we need to know to succeed and excel in life. But what they are not supposed to do is impose their own private views on school children. Opinions formed by their experiences in life, that children have not yet had and have every right to decide on these things for themselves.

It is shocking to hear some of the things said by teachers. As someone who has spent most of my life in education, it is my belief that teachers should stay neutral when it comes to speaking about politics in the classroom. But not all do, things I have heard in my lessons include “Brexit was the stupidest decision made by this country,” or even once that “The Conservatives don’t care about the normal people,” both of which are highly inappropriate.

Because of this, it makes it so much easier for Labour supporting students to voice their opinions, whereas if you dare to put forward a different view you can be called all kinds of names. Some of which I have been called include “disgusting”, “stupid” or simply “ignorant”.

In Chingford and Woodford Green we are incredibly lucky to have a brilliant and active Conservative MP but it doesn’t mean that teachers aren’t still politicising school lessons. I am very proud to go to the school that I am currently at but even in the best of schools this still happens. I’m not saying that Conservative teachers are perfect and never do this as well, but in my personal experience they are less likely to give their views to a class as freely.

In short, teachers should keep their politics out of the classroom.