Support Plans for a Controlled Drinking zone in South Woodford

From the outside, South Woodford is a quiet, affluent suburb which has little in common with some of the more challenged parts of Redbridge. Dig beneath the surface a little, and you start to hear a different side to the story.

The problem of public drinking around the Churchfields area was known to us from speaking to local residents, but when we took that to the local Lib-Dem Councillors at Area Committee we were shocked to find that they didn’t want to know. Backed by local residents we began a campaign against Anti-Social Behaviour, but quickly realised this was bigger than just public drinking and drunks abusing passers-by. 

Our campaign to introduce a Controlled Drinking Zone gathered over 200 signatures on the first day and has drawn support from across the borough. Neighbouring Bridge Ward are now pressing for their own CDZ. We will be taking our findings back to the Area Committee this month, but this won’t be the end of it. Anti-Social Behaviour doesn’t affect all residents in Church End, but we will continue to fight this campaign on behalf of every single resident.

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