Vote Conservative on Thursday

In Redbridge and in Waltham Forest, Conservative candidates are standing up for people against Labour-run Councils who have let them down.

In Redbridge, Labour have increased Council Tax every year and put up rents and other charges for residents on Council Estates.

In Waltham Forest, Labour have tried to close libraries, shut down facilities for old and vulnerable residents and to take away free, on-street parking, so vital to our local shops and businesses.

Across London, Labour are proposing to charge people who do not have very modern vehicles £12,50 to drive their cars, vans or motorcycles.

Only the Conservatives can stop Labour. Conservative Councillors work hard for all their residents, all the time. We need your vote to continue doing this and holding Labour to account. Don't waste your vote. If you don;t go and vote Conservative on Thursday, you will end up with Labour Councillors.

Each ward has either two or three candidates. You can vote for all Conservative candidates in the ward where you are voting.

If you need to find your Polling Station go to

If you have a postal vote and have not yet returned it, please take it to your normal polling station.

You do not need the notice card to vote. Just give the clerk your name and address. 

Thank you


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