Andrew Boff

Dear fellow Conservative,

Now that the round of official hustings is over, I wanted to confirm to you why I want to be the next Conservative Mayor of London.

I was born in a London Council house; I’m the son of a West End policeman and east London NHS worker. I have lived in London my entire life and ran my own IT business before I became a full-time politician.

It is vital that we have a candidate determined to win.

Another four years of Sadiq Khan will do so much damage to our city. His “war on the suburbs” will mean tower blocks where They aren’t wanted and a rash of “garden-grabbing” developments, with family houses torn down and blocks of flats built in their place.

I led Hillingdon Conservatives to victory in 1990, against the   national trend, and delivered on our radical, tax-cutting agenda. I won a safe Labour ward in Hackney, on my record as a local campaigner who helped turn Broadway Market into London’s best, community-led market.

After I was elected to City Hall in 2008, I became the Leader of our Group and developed it into a “think-tank” which produced some of the best ideas for London. One of those reports recommended the introduction of body-worn cameras, so the Police could carry out more stops and searches, without feeling at risk.

Being in City Hall for ten years means I know how things work and how to deliver. That's why I want to cut the tax you pay to City Hall. Every. Single. Year.

After listening to your questions at the hustings, I have now completed my manifesto for change, which you can read here:

I believe I have the experience to govern and I am determined to win. If you vote for me, together we can beat Sadiq Khan!




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