Shaun Bailey

Over the last 20 years, Shaun has worked across a number of different organisations to help improve peoples’ life chances. Shaun’s involvement ranges from being a youth worker in Ladbroke Grove, to being a director of a charity that helped young people avoid crime through employment opportunities. 

More recently, Shaun was elected to the London Assembly and sits on a number of committees, including as Chair of the Regeneration Committee. Prior to this, he was twice a parliamentary candidate in London and was a Special Adviser to Prime Minister David Cameron. Shaun is also an Honorary Colonel in the ACF.

Shaun's three key priorities to give all Londoner’s a stake in society are:

1.     Access to opportunity, regardless of background

2.     Safe and secure streets and communities

3.     A fair start in life

Over 100 Councillors across London are backing Shaun:

4 of 5 Police & Crime Commissioners in areas that border London support Shaun’s plans to tackle crime:

Please do also check out Shaun’s recent article in the Evening Standard:

If you would like to help Shaun, please do get in touch at



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