No Enforcement Camera On Churchfields

Your Churchfields Conservatives Team (Cllr Stephen Adams, Robert Cole & Garry Sukhija) are fighting for residents against Labour's plans to install enforcement cameras on Churchfields Road.

New Council cameras would fine residents at certain times within a certain zone of Churchfields Road. There are already enforcement cameras on the other side of the estate which have cost residents dearly in fines and the Council keep fining residents unlawfully on Bank Holidays.

The proposal to introduce cameras is disproportionate and does not solve the issue of road safety on Churchfields Road during times of operation.

Say no to enforcement cameras that would penalise local residents. Please help us show the Council the strength of opposition to this proposal by signing the petition below.


Churchfields Camera

  • Current We oppose the introduction of enforcement cameras at any time on Churchfields Road that would fine residents.
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