Get a postal vote

If you will be away on polling day, at work or on holiday, are physically unable or just don't have the time to get to a polling station to vote in person, you can still exercise your right to vote. 

You can choose either to vote by post or to appoint someone else - a proxy - to vote on your behalf. A local Conservative Councillor or Member can act as your proxy if you want.

If you wish, you can complete a form from the Electoral Commission, which you then need to download, print, sign and post to your local Council. If you want to do that, click HERE and choose either Voting by Post or Voting by Proxy. Alternately:

If you are a Redbridge resident:

To obtain either of these forms please contact the Electoral Registration Office:


If you are a Waltham Forest Resident you can download the forms below.

You then need to return them to Waltham Forest Town Hall, Forest Road, Walthamstow, London, E17 4JF. If you have any queries, you can call Waltham Forest Electoral Services on 020 8496 3000.


If you have any other questions about voting, advice can be found on the Government website


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