Residents tell us that they want to feel safer in our community and that this is their key priority for the Council to focus on.

This year Conservative Councillors will be proposing an amendment to Labour’s budget that we believe transcends party politics and is supported by all communities and should gain the support of every Councillor.

To fight crime, anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping so our proposal will give every ward (your local area) it’s own mobile CCTV camera and resident’s will be able to advise through their Councillors where they think it should be placed or moved to throughout the year.

The scheme will be paid for by taking a minimal amount from the ‘leader’s priority fund’ worth millions, by abolishing one of Waltham Forest’s two deputy leader positions as well as one ‘junior cabinet’ post with a small amount taken from reserves for start-up costs. This scheme will cost just £100k to initialise and £100k to maintain each year across the entire borough – much less than Waltham Forest has paid for consultants and much hated traffic schemes in the last few months alone.

Back our plan to make our Borough safer, cleaner and fairer by signing our petition today.

Waltham Forest CCTV Camera

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