Waltham Forest's Labour-run Council has announced that they will be reducing residents' black bin collections from weekly to fortnightly.

Your Conservative Councillors are concerned that, after already phasing out larger black bins for smaller ones, this will further compound the issue of effective waste disposal.  

Evidence has shown that reduction in black bin collections does not necessarily lead to greater recycling levels and also brings an increased risk of contamination of green bin waste.

A further concern is that when Camden reduced service levels down to fortnightly they quickly became the worst borough in the country for fly-tipping, which is another further risk to consider. There are also a great number of flats in our area with shared waste services or residences that do not benefit from black wheelie bins – such as residents living above shops. 

We do not believe that this is the right move but as Labour have made clear their intention to continue with this policy we are making five key asks that will minimise the potential risk and damage this move could cause.

Join our call for:

1. Bring back larger black bins; reducing pressure on larger families and houses with mulitple occupation as well as deterring fly-tipping and contamination of green bins.
2. Increased bin supply at flat blocks; ensuring those that use communal refuse points do not find these overwhelmed with smelly and messy rubbish. 
3. Develop a high street plan to manage waste disposal from all properties without black bins; recognising not all residents in Waltham Forest have access to black wheelie bins and this shift will cause significant issues for them.
4. Increase camera network for fly-tipping; ensuring that our borough is protected from becoming dirtier as has happened in many other authorities.
5. Comprehensive review after one-year of trial of this policy; if the policy is not working the Council must reverse it.

Sign below to add your name and strengthen the call to reduce the worst risks of this ill-thought out policy.



Fortnightly Bin Collections

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