Save South Chingford Community Library

Conservative Councillors and Iain Duncan Smith MP led the campaign to create the South Chingford Community Library, securing premises and helping found the organisation which now runs our Community Library in Chingford Mount Road. Over the last ten years the Community Library has gone from strength to strength because of the efforts of community volunteers.

But now its future is under threat.

The Council hasn’t renewed the Library Group’s lease on the premises, they currently owe landlord over £19,000, and plan to close the Library in June 2024 leaving South Chingford without this much loved community space.

We are calling on Labour run Waltham Forest Council to Save South Chingford Community Library - sign our petition!

This petition will run until June 2024 and will be presented to Waltham Forest Council.

Save South Chingford Community Library

In which of these ways can you help us save South Chingford Community Library?