Save St Francis Pre-School

After 30 years of partnership between St Francis pre-school and Yardley Primary School, the school has decided to evict the pre-school at the end of the summer 2024 term.

The pre-school, a registered charity that provides genuinely affordable and flexible childcare in one of the most deprived areas in North Chingford will be forced to close. This will put 11 staff members’ jobs at risk and force local parents to seek alternative childcare arrangements. Waltham Forest Council's own assessment of pre-school places show there is not enough places in North Chingford.

With such late notice, the pre-school has been unable to find an affordable and suitable venue, there are certainly none in the immediate catchment area of the school.

The school claims that they have no choice but to evict the pre-school as they need extra space however during discussions with the school it became clear that they have not even explored the options which would allow the pre-school to remain on site.

We, the undersigned object to Yardley Primary School’s decision to evict St Francis pre-school from their premises and call on the school’s leadership to reconsider the decision.

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