How high-rise developments affect our children’s future.

Chingford and Woodford Green is changing; in fact, the whole of London is changing, in many different ways. But I must say not all are positive. One of the biggest changes that is happening right now are the many developments that are being proposed all over the constituency. In C&WG alone, three different developments have currently been put forward. One of which is a nine floor Highams Park high-rise which is to be built right next to the station.

When I read about developments such as these, I can't help but think about my future, and the future of my generation. With blocks of flats constantly being built, when do we stop and draw the line? When do we realise that we can't carry on just building up and up? Destroying gorgeous landscapes with quite frankly ugly buildings. It will be my generation and generations to come who have to live their whole lives in the shadow of these towers.

A huge positive about our area has always been all the wonderful forests, fields and parks that we all grew up playing on. But now in places all over the country, these fields are being built on. Ruining not only the lives of everyone living there but the lives of future generations. Whether it be because it takes away the sunlight in your garden, or because it then makes it harder to get your kids into schools, or even because it will make the wait for A&E longer! It affects us all. So, if like me you don't want these vast buildings destroying our attractive neighbourhood, sign our petitions now to get them stopped. You can find them all by clicking here on the Campaigns tab.

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My name is Ella, I'm thirteen years old and I live in Chingford and Woodford Green. I have written this to express my concerns about our local area.