New One Way System in George, Leonard and Bateman Roads

One Way System:

We kept listening and more action is to come

Since the installation of the new one way system we have been closely monitoring the situation and listening to your comments and suggestions.


We thought you might find it useful to receive an update on the information gathered since the new road layout was implemented and what changes are due to be made taking this and your comments into account.


Average Traffic Speeds have fallen

· Leonard Road has reduced from 32.6mph to 24.6mph

· George Road has reduced from 27.8mph to 24.2mph

· Bateman Road has reduced from 21mph to 18.6mph

· Speed of buses/trucks on both Leonard Road and George Road was 22mph


The results show that the traffic calming measures have worked to reduce traffic speeds and are close to what is expected in a 20mph zone. However some proposals to address concerns of residents and to try to further reduce traffic speeds on Leonard Road and George Road are to be implemented.


These proposals include additional 20mph roundel road markings on both Leonard and George Road and, “KEEP CLEAR” markings on the northbound carriageway of Chingford Road at the Leonard Road junction.


These changes should be completed over the next few weeks.

If you have any further comments or suggestions please get in touch and let us know.